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Passionate about ties. TieDrake was founded with the idea of selling quality neckties in the designs that we love. For over 20 years we are in the business, we have shipped ties to hundreds of thousands of customers on all continents (maybe not Antarctica). We started with a regular brick and mortar store, in the early 2000s we started selling online and for the next two decades that is what we have done. The business underwent some changes, had difficult times, had fantastic times and all of it made us who we are now. We have changed the business from a regular retailer to a WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC Site that sells our quality Ties and Bow Ties at Wholesale Prices directly to you. We do not require a membership, you do not need to enroll in a wholesale program, but we do require a $30 minimum order to enjoy these Wholesale Prices.

We do not cut corners on quality, our ties are hand made and the designs carefully selected. When you buy a necktie from, you can be sure that you will receive quality merchandise. We stand behind it with our name and should you experience a problem, let us know and we will fix it, but please note that we are selling these ties to you at WHOLESALE PRICES and under these WHOLESALE terms, we DO NOT accept returns.

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We are loving Life, Sunshine, Ties and Florida! That is the message we are sending, along with our ties, directly from South Florida. Our Main Office is located minutes away from Beaches, Art Deco Nightlife, pulsating Florida Lifestyle, Latin Food and everything else the great South Florida Lifestyle has to offer, of course, all orders ship directly from South Florida.

TiePassion in Miami Florida